Virtual Host

What’s virtual host?

Virtual host also known as the shared host the market also derived from many different names such as Webpage hosting web hosting Webpage space virtual space.

Virtual host is composed of dozens to hundreds of websites to share a separate entity between host and network bandwidth. Virtual host and virtual host is completely separate and respectively have its own domain name independent Webpage mail database and other have also.

Virtual host and host entities in essence no different the difference in host entities is used for single self-employed settings and virtual host is specifically provided for hardware resource demand less.

Through the collective share one physical host resources to create maximum benefit for the use of. In short the virtual host like household many apartment buildings while the host entities like single households townhouses.
Because by multiple virtual host the user share the cost of this.

  • Hardware equipment
  • Network bandwidth
  • Line cost
  • Rental cost
  • Network equipment
  • Network management

Personnel huge amount of expenses. So the small and medium-sized enterprise and individual user love.

Virtual Host

Virtual machine advantages

  1. Relative to the purchase of independent server website construction cost is reduced greatly provides a great convenience for the small website popularity.

    Low cost: Radio television advertising while in seconds but tens of thousands of newspaper advertising costs at every turn.

    Also the price does not poor the majority of units beyond personal endurance. Online information release due to production costs save printing press and radio stations and expensive the cost is greatly reduced so that the vast majority of units in all of us can afford.

    Online information covering a wide range of traditional media television newspapers radio or light box posters not across the geographical constraints can only have an impact on specific areas.
    For traditional media advertising the audience mostly passive acceptance not easy to produce effect.

    Online information form to be lively and vivid the use of computer multimedia technology to literature sound like the other forms the information product shape use method of use price purchase method directly display in front of users.

    With real-time business advertisement contents can be changed at any time according to the needs of the market flexible and convenient. More importantly for business and institutional users this is the most economical convenient and practical way.

  2. Use of virtual host technique can host a truly into many “virtual” host each virtual host has independent domain name and IP address with a complete Internet server function.

    Completely independent of the virtual host in the outside world each virtual host and a host of independent identical. The same effect but the cost is not the same. Because multiple virtual hosts to share a true host of resources.

    Each virtual host user to bear the cost of hardware network maintenance costs the cost of communication lines are greatly reduced Internet truly affordable for all network.

    Many enterprises establish websites are using this method it not only saves the purchase of machines and leased line costs the web server server management simple such as

    • Software configuration
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti attack
    • Other safety measures

    are provided by professional service providers which greatly simplifies the complexity of the server management at the same time.

    Also do not have to worry about the use and maintenance of the technical aspects of the server but do not have to employ special management personnel.

  3. Virtual host data center

  4. To improve the efficiency of website construction purchase their own server to install the operating system and application software requires a longer time and virtual hosting usually takes only a few minutes can be opened because the main domain name registration query service providers have implemented e-business in the entire business process select the appropriate virtual host their own needs immediately after online payment can be opened.

    (4) The emergence of virtual mainframe technology is a great contribution to the development of Internet technology and network because multiple virtual hosts to share a true host resources greatly increasing the utilization rate of server and communication lines so that a server can be no conflict equipped with multiple network IP address.

    Which means people can use the virtual host to a plurality of separate domain name site built on a single server no longer for the establishment of a site and the purchase of single server and huge application line as the network information outlet.

    Most of the domestic and foreign enterprises website are using this server hard disk space rental way (virtual host).

    The benefits of the virtual host is not only significant savings in the purchase of servers and leased line costs also do not need to use and maintain the technical problem of the server to worry about also need not have a dedicated server management.

  5. Low cost and high utilization of the virtual host quickly attracted the small and medium-sized enterprise. In order to adapt to the world.

    The increasingly fierce competition in the international business environment accelerate the application of online trading platform for small investment quick returns the strengthen e-commerce enterprise Internet information construction virtual host has become an important way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Virtual machine faults

(1) Some features of limited service providers may consume system resources such as the forum program traffic statistics function.

(2) Website design service providers need to consider the functional support such as the type of database operating system etc.

(3) Some of the virtual host site access speed is too slow this may be due to host provider will be leased to a host a large number of sites or server configurations and other reasons caused by this situation can not solve their own website for the normal access site will adversely affect.

(4) Some service providers have certain restrictions on the site traffic so when a large amount of site visits will not be a normal visit.

Visible the site is using virtual or dedicated server hosting the need for comprehensive consideration according to the conditions and the expected development status of sites.

(5) General virtual host in order to reduce the cost and no independent IP address is to use IP address can not directly access the site (for the same IP address with a plurality of website)

(6) Virtual host can not by the customer optional install software and remote desktop operation.

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