Server Hosting

What is server hosting?

Server hosting is what mean?

Server hosting refers to improve website access speed.
Server hosting and related equipment are mandatory to have perfect network data room facilities, high quality network environment abundant bandwidth resource operation experience and network and equipment.
On the user’s real-time monitoring center to enable the system to make safe reliable stable and efficient the purpose of running.
Managed server maintenance by customers themselves or by a person authorized for other remote maintenance.

Server Hosting
Server Hosting

The data center can offer rental services for key cabinet and bandwidth of client-server that server can keep up every seven days a week twenty-four hours a day of endless service.
When you are interested in building their own Web Email Ftp SQL server and application of your website is very complex or your site visit rate is very high. You can choose to buy their own servers making the trust.

Server hosting what advantage?

One – Cost saving

The enterprises do not have to rent expensive Netcom or telecommunications lines can be shared or private data center high bandwidth.

Two – Personnel

Maintained by the center of professional and technical staff all-weather advisory eliminates the need for maintenance people expenditure.
The perfect power air conditioning monitoring equipment to make sure the normal operation of the enterprise server save a lot of computer room construction cost.
Flexibility according to the requirements of users flexible choice of data center provides line port and value-added services.
Virtual host service without functional limitations can according to the real needs of flexible configuration to make full application purpose.

Three – Stability

Not because of shared hosting, caused by the host load is overweight cause the server performance degradation or paralysis.
In the independent host environment can act on their own and rigorous rules control precision measurement the server stability to rise to the highest server hosting.

Server Hosting
Server Hosting

Four – Security

Shared hosting for different users have different permissions the hidden safety problems. In the independent host environment can set up their own hosting rights free choice of firewall and antivirus facility.

Five – Exclusive

Shared hosting is the sharing of resources server hosting, so the server hosting response speed and the connection speed is independent of host slow.
The independent host can choose their own enough network bandwidth and server resources grades to make sure that the host response and the network speed.