Make application

How to make your application? (Make application)

Make application!

Many people want to own applications. They don’t know how to deal with such a thing, so they will not take action. This is a sin!

Make applications need not at all difficult to. There are some system is very complicated, but there are relatively simple and inexpensive way, you can build an application.

Make application
Make application

Below you can complete roadmap, for application development track. The road map, the application, you can be in a different way to all known operating system such as Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and Blackberry.

The idea of

It all started in a good idea and design. Very few words in this step, this is very strange. This is an important step in the development is for your application.

You have to remember: people like to download and use. There are now more than 1 millions of software download. Your application must distinguish, best also noticed, so people can download and use. If you don’t have a good idea is difficult for applications to the chances of success.

So if you want to build an application, please ensure that it.


When you think is right, then it’s time to go to work. As you may already know, there is a variety of ways, you can do it yourself, now the app. What method you choose, is mainly dependent on the time and money, and you want it. In addition, on the one hand is also difficult. I suggest that you read all the way through, and then a method to choose.

1. Programming

The most obvious of this approach, is to create your own program. An application can use a programming language. In this way, the application developers to build applications for real. This is not easy, because the application developers have several years of training, or trying to master the language.

If you want to learn programming, so your best online course pursuit.

Please note, almost all of the operating system to use another language. Such applications using another Android application programming language than iOS (iPhone and iPad). You must choose your application is what kind of platform development.

You can select a network application opportunities. This is an application via the Internet, which is usually the use of HTML5 as a programming language. The advantages are, only a network application programming language is required for all platforms they do. In addition, do not need to download the Webpage application in the app store.

Therefore, to build their own applications programming, this is a considerable amount of time and effort cost. If you want to in a more simple method application, then you had better go to have a look the other way.

Make application

2. The software maker

A simple way to develop your own procedures, through the program makers use. This is a web site, you can build a variety of applications in the online step. The main advantage of this website is, they are very easy to use. You follow your steps, and then you show in your own application.

However, there are also disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that your application can establish the amateur appearance. In addition, you will be in a month to $80. This website is different, of course, but is often the price at $80. You will need to pay $1000 in annual. This is quite a lot of money, so the result is not very good and professional.

Moreover, to provide free account for most service, but here, you typically have very low. Do you often than restrictions, such as limits on the number of downloads.

If you want to build a simple application, then this way for you. However, when you want more results, then you had better go to have a look the other way.

3. Development

You can select an application development. This is one of the most simple method. Are you and your ideas to do all the application developers and technology work for you. You have no further deepen.

Its disadvantage is the price. The basic procedure is about 5000 euros. The underlying application something most people want more, then you quickly between 20000 to 30000 euro dollars. This number may be as high as $100000, but this depends on your desire.

The most important is to let large enterprise applications. They have enough money, so the number will not be missed. If you have enough money, I can tell you this way. However, most people don’t have too much money in hand.

And then?

When you put your application or constructed, then it’s time to decide whether you want to earn money. If you are a bedrijfsapp, then I suggest not money to make money. For example, if you have a game, you can be a verdienmodel docking.

Later, when the application is published in AppStore. Some appstores, such as apples, they want to approve. Your application must meet certain requirements before they are published. When you have received through Apple Corp, everyone can download the app.


How to make application? First of all you have to do is the method of choice. You can be one of your processing program design language, developed the use or application online software.