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What is a blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is a personal web site posted their people to share with others.
The blog is often referred to as “blog”. “Blog” is a verb, refers to the management of a blog or add information.

Mainly for their own blog, such as diary, opinions, ideas author(s). In many comments on blogs or news on a particular subject. Other blog before personal online diary. Sometimes and academic website or blog theme. This find in-depth discussion in specific areas.

The blog is more and more important, in the social exchange opportunities, occupation or academic context Article.

Most blog text but the text is often combined with images links to websites or other blog. Usually show add in reverse order. Structure and the layout of the visual reflection of the blog blog information collection and sorting.

Increased interaction between a blogger, also let the reader (S) and (S), and allows comments or feedback backup what he wrote.

Micro blog is a blog post by a very small. It is mainly used for the left or the other the rapid exchange of information form. Twitter (one for the micro blog) is a kind of problem based “What are you doing? “(see also: tweets). You use your network, let others frequently and fast pay attention to where you are, who communicate with you, what are you doing, etc..

Step by step, start to blog:

A growing number of blogosfeer, blogtoepassingen. The following blogsoftware very familiar:
• WordPress
• Blogger
• Serendipity
• TypePad
• MovableType

You use what program is a Different people, different views. problem. We usually use the WordPress. This is an “open source code” application (so free).

Register a blog you can blog, you have the right software installation. You can in two ways: either your soft

The real from the website of the software, you can download from the Internet to any computer or you

You take it from the software and your own web server.

Blogsoftware uses a website

This is the most simple choice for beginners. The Google blogsoftware website, register your a

Customers by clicking on the “signature”, and in accordance with the instructions. Its advantage is that, it is free, you should not install, upgrade, attract backup etc..

Blogsoftware uses its own computer

Another possibility is a site of blogsoftware to surf the web, download, my Blog Tools

To your Web server on the upload. This option is intended for experienced users, because you need to know.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), because your self care and the Web server installation needs.

Its advantage is can change your theme, can change you can use the invoegtoepassingen code.

If you teach your own server and network in a school, this is the best choice. Let the IT Coordinator

Let everything be arranged in good order.


If you want to upload your own server and invoegtoepassingen, but not necessarily built on, help

Many softwaresites (such as WordPress) you. They offer a free service, for your blog, upload it to your service

He is far from”. You only need to provide a login yourself. Check if you have the IT specialist

Without a firewall settings prevent it.

An email writing

Of course, in a blog content. A project has enough beheersmenu in the blog

Click on the “write” and write. Then you have to tag him, so others can find him easily.

(for more information and metadata tag, find you in Chapter twelfth).

Variations on a theme

You can pass a personal theme modifier keys to your blog. You can choose from a range of topics,

However, you can also do an own. This is reserved for advanced users. If you want to choose from

The available themes, and then click on the “design”, to find you the right words. You can according to the topic search

Color column width.

A blog elements

Blogs have common characteristics. Do you think the following:


Author of “master” blog and / or people write. The author’s name display

In every project. The author can modify the content, also can be in your comment

The article or other people.


A project is a contribution to the blog. This is a short text, usually by the author can write what

Want to. The article also count on multiple pages. Each project is a time tag and title (

Content description), then he can easily find. The title will be displayed in the index.


The index is a list of all the articles in the blog. Let bloggers and readers to find the title of the article

Or date, so similar to the content of a book. The index is sorted in alphabetical order.

According to the time sequence or onderwerpsgebonden.

The index is a blog website. Here, you’ll find out your blog what is the purpose of the problem processing. The latest article, provides access to other elements, such as gold outline

For a time, or a blog theme.

In addition, know your prose writer’s personality.

Blog roll

“Blog” is a list, scroll to the other blog or website links, the authors suggest, that important, or in

The reader can find more information. I guess you is a personal blog roll.


The reader usually blogposts public comments. You can decide whether to allow each author.

Most people think that this feedback, but meaningful discussion.


The author can create Webpage than indexpagina. These can be used in

In some disciplines tail that your project or research.


A label is a “key”, you add a piece of data (such as in an article, bookmarks,

A document, image, video clips and so on). The things you do, the data description, so that later

Can be found again. The author can fit the label itself in a section of data, or allow others to

To do this thing.